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For Events in Big and Big Events

Animativa gives the same importance to all events, whether small or large. For us, any event will be… “THE EVENT“!

Give strength to your team...

It is in the area of Corporate Team Building that we present ourselves with proposals for socializing programs and the creation of group dynamics, through activities/games, in a playful and very relaxed way, appealing to team spirit and strengthening interpersonal relationships, based on principles of communication and mutual assistance between all participants.

The design of the programs also takes into account the number of participants involved, their characteristics, the time available to carry out the activities, the time of year in which the actions are carried out, the available budget and the objectives and needs of the company itself/ group.

We will always be receptive to requests to change the activities and programs presented, with a view to improving them and consequently bringing them closer to the objectives defined for the event. We carry out these activities (except Snow Challenger, Ice Challenger) throughout the country!!!

Team Building activities we highlight:

Snow Challenge
Ice Challenge
Golfe Challenge
Adventure Challenge

Many challenges where time and human resources management are fundamental to success!

. Snow Challenge, at the highest point in mainland Portugal, several challenges are proposed in a seasonal rotation system.
. Ice Challenge, Who said that ice skating is difficult... experience all the excitement of ice skating, in the biggest arena in Portugal!
. Golf Challenge, with Serra da Estrela as a backdrop, a team competition that is more than the technique of this sport.
. Adventure Challenge, an adventure with several challenges where the objective is to achieve the highest number of points for each team.

Quiz Animactiva
Atividade indoor

Using wireless technology controls, this quiz game is great fun to play in teams.

With the possibility of 20 teams playing at the same time, we can develop an activity just for leisure and entertainment with general cultural issues or, taking the game more professionally.

Photo City
Historic centers

The teams will continue to discover the historic center of Covilhã, in this case with the great involvement of the “Woolfest”*,

Time and human resources management is fundamental to success! Photographing various locations and following different clues.

With this activity there will be a deeper knowledge of local culture and customs, there will be a lot of interaction with the locals, and you will also be able to experience those delicacies hidden from tourists...

Treasure hunt
Pedestrian activity
(by teams)

The objective is to reach the treasure, following the clues and unraveling riddles, progressing as you overcome the proposed challenges.

The possibilities are countless: the activity can take place in nature, in the city, day, night or even inside a hotel or company.

Let's talk about your next event...

In the business world, taking into account the competitiveness between companies, it is necessary to build the best team to face increasingly demanding challenges.

Team of events specialists

Events designed to improve group dynamics, team spirit and interpersonal relationships.

Focus in creating results

Each program takes into account the intended objective, budget, available time and who will participate.

+ 15 years creating Great Events

The maximum importance for each event, for us, the next event is the most important and unique.

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